Tom Yam Thai Restaurant

Our specialty Thai restaurant serves mouth-watering fresh seafood dishes for which Phuket is famous along with an array of tasty Thai preparations, all made with the freshest local ingredients. The restaurant offers open-air seating and functions until 10.30pm offering a la carte dishes along with amazing views of the beach and the Andaman Sea.

Some of our dishes...

  • Stir-fried Phuket Egg Noodles
  • Thai Omelet
  • Stir-fried Rice Noodles Phuket Style
  • Stir-fried Prawns with assorted Mushrooms
  • Thai style Lobster
  • Thai style Noodles
  • Deep-fried Soft Bone Fish
  • Spicy Grilled Tuna Fillet
  • Spicy Salmon Salad
  • Braised Beef in Massaman Curry
  • Stir-fried Chicken with Cashew Nuts
  • Stir-fried Lamb with Sweet Red Curry Paste