Leisure Facilities


Based on the sea conditions the resort may or may not allow the use of the following water sports equipment. Guests will be required to sign a waiver before using the sport's equipment. Minimum Age required: 18 years old unless accompanied by one of the parents. Below listed activities may not be available between 1 May to 31  October due to weather conditions/monsoon season. Thank you.

  • snorkeling gear (life jacket required and being provide by the resort) 
  • kayak / canoe (life jacket required and being provide by the resort)
  • paddle board (life jacket required and being provide by the resort)


Sudden change of winds (monsoon) and daily high tides (every 6 hours) can quickly reverse the sea conditions. We take safety very seriously, therefore, on the beach we have placed several warning signs based on the actual weather forecast and tides chart. Dangerous waves and currents are expected from time to time between the months of May-October. FYI, powerful currents can quickly sweep swimmers into deeper water, and high waves can tire even strong swimmers in a short time.

For your own safety we kindly ask you to respect the signs being placed on the beach:

  • water danger today 
  • high poles with green - yellow and red flag 
  • meaning of green - yellow and red flags
  • two beach flags (red and yellow) will indicate the area open for swimming and trampoline
  • for your own safety our beach attendants will be equipped with: binoculars + whistle and in extreme cases a megaphone with safety siren.

Thank you for your understanding!